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We recently brought to you the news that fast food chain Lotteria will be offering their new Tsukemen Burger (dip-in-the-sauce noodles burger) later this month. Now, they’re following with another, shall we say … unique creation. This time, it’s a gum-flavored shake, and it comes in a bright green color!

Just as the Tsukemen Burger is based on the dip-in-the-sauce type noodles from the famous ramen shop Taishoken, the shake is actually a collaboration with a popular snack. Yes, Lotteria’s new “First Pick Mint Shake — Lotte Green Gum Flavor” (Hatsu-zumi Mint Shake — Lotte Green Gum Fumi) is flavored with the taste of the popular Green Gum  sold by Lotte. The gum has a mint taste, which according to Lotte, is supposed to be evocative of the fresh trees and green of the forest.

▼ The gum that the taste of the shake is based on
green gum

But it seems some people, our very own Mr. Sato from our Japanese RocketNews24 site in particular, are not exactly convinced that mint gum-flavored shake is the best idea for a new beverage. While mint shake in itself doesn’t sound bad at all, Mr. Sato apparently feels that a Green Gum-flavored shake could taste like … well, toothpaste. While Lotteria’s efforts to be innovative are admirable, Mr. Sato hopes that their enthusiasm to create news-worthy menu items isn’t preventing them from creating a product that is truly as tasty as it can be.

So, do you think mint gum-flavored shake is too strange for your taste? Well, we’ll have to wait until June 5 when the new shake comes out to see if Mr. Sato’s concerns are unfounded or not. The First Pick Mint Shake will be available until late July at a price of 240yen (US$2.36). Let’s hope the shake is a refreshingly sweet treat that tastes nothing like toothpaste!

Original article by: Hidenori Sato
Source and photos: Nikkei press release (Japanese)
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