The power of makeup is both awe-inspiring and downright terrifying. With the swipe of a single brush, people can transform themselves into completely different beings (just take a look at Ukraine’s real-life Barbie when she’s not wearing makeup). After you get used to someone wearing makeup all the time, it can even be a shock to see that person bare-faced.

Take this panda, for instance. On the left you see a typically adorable panda. On the right, well, we’ve got an image of what a panda would look like without any of its trademark “eye makeup.” And boy, what a difference it makes!

OK guys, if you’re one of those men who think, “I’ve never seen my girlfriend without makeup, but she’s gotta just have naturally big eyes!”, you may want start preparing yourselves for the day when she shows up at your door without any makeup on. As proof, we’d like to offer up this picture of a panda without any of those dark circles around its eyes.

Are you ready? You sure? OK, here goes nothing…



NOW do you see why girls like eye shadow and mascara so much?

Source/Images: The Meta Picture
Original article by Yuuichiro Wasai

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