Face packs haven’t quite caught on in the global market, but those moist face-shaped towelettes packed with vitamins and other skin-enhancing goodies are particularly popular in Japan. The most standard versions come in plain white, making you look like something out of The Grudge, but beauty product makers have recently been getting creative, bringing us face packs that turn its user into a cat, a panda, or a kabuki actor.

The newest fancy face pack is another one for kabuki fans, but this time it adds an extra splash of color and was created by international makeup artist and leader of Japanese contemporary fashion, Kansai Yamamoto.


The colorful kabuki face pack design was most recently seen at a London fashion show where Yamamoto was the makeup artist in charge of kabuki-fying the models.

▼ Yamamoto’s kabuki face pack was inspired by the kumadori style, stage makeup characterized by brightly colored patterns drawn on snow white foundation.20140909_facebook_kansai3

The idea for turning his makeup design into a face pack is to allow anyone to become just like those London models from the comforts of their own home…and at 900 yen (US$8.47) for two, it’s definitely cheaper than paying a professional to do your makeup for you!

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Source: IT Media
Images: Japaneseface.jp