It’s not really a secret that Japan can sometimes get a little carried away with its youth obsession. Look no further than the abundance of pre-pubescent, yet disturbingly sexualized, anime characters and girl idol bands with shockingly young “retirement” ages – around 21 in many cases – for proof.

It’s one thing to have a creepy countdown to when Hermione Granger turns 18, but it’s kind of way creepier to just lose all interest in celebrities altogether when they reach official adulthood.

Anyway, a new Japanese film called Sweet Pool Side and a limited run promotional cafe for the film may have just set a new precedent in youth-obsession creepiness. The film, according to the trailer, is lightly related to the trials and tribulations of being on the high school swim team but also focuses on a young boy’s decision of whether or not to shave the pubic hair of one of the girl’s swim team members (at her request). He then at one point appears to eat some of the girl’s body hair.


Let’s all take a second here to think about puppies or something.

Okay. So, the film’s PR team is taking advantage of the ubiquitous image of the Japanese high school girls swim team uniform, which consists of a one piece swimsuit that’s almost always an aqua blue color, by collaborating with a cosplay-focused Akihabara cafe to host a Sweet Pool Side theme cafe where waitresses dress like high school swimmers.

The cafe will be open on June 8, 15, 22, and 29 only.

No word on whether customers will be allowed to shave the waitresses’ body hair or not, but you can absolutely order a “Shaved Leg Hair Pasta” dish. You will then presumably be put on some kind of government watch list.


Source: ITMedia