It’s been a couple of years since we featured something about Masako Mizutani (水谷雅子) on our site, but Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth is back again and looking just as youthful as ever. Even now at 45 years of age, she’s still the envy of women everywhere with barely a wrinkle to be seen.

In fact, Ms. Mizutani’s age-defying looks are so legendary that she was (unsurprisingly) selected to star in a new commercial for Asahi’s line of  “Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen powder.” You can bet that with her endorsement, Japanese women will be flocking to stores to buy the new product. Keep reading to see the commercial now.  

One look at photos of Ms. Mizutani over the years and you’ll think that she’s somehow discovered the secret to aging backwards. Her skin all but glows with a radiant shine. She has even been featured on Chinese television programs to share her age-defying beauty secrets, which apparently include a 5-hour daily beauty regimen.

▼Ms. Mizutani over the years. The numbers in bold on the right side of each photo signify her age at the time.


▼Hey, how did these selfies of Ms. Mizutani’s 20-something-year-old daughter get here?
…OHMYGOD WAIT, it’s actually Ms. Mizutani herself!!


▼Even without any makeup on, her youthful looks are still jaw-dropping.


You can see why Asahi chose her to star in their new commerical, right? Speaking of which, take a minute to check it out below:

In the brief clip, Ms. Mizutani pours some of the collagen powder into her coffee, stirs it, and takes a sip, all while looking fabulous. The message claims that the powder is packed with a mixture of twelve ingredients that promote beautiful skin. Sigh, if only all of us could look that fabulous while drinking coffee…

And that’s not all – Asahi is also running a special “Beauty Change Campaign: Just like Masako Mizutani! A shocking 20-minus years!”  from May 28 through June 30. Women who are twenty years or older and living in Japan are eligible to participate. The campaign involves two separate prizes: One winner and a friend will be invited to a real studio, where they will receive hair, makeup, and fashion makeovers by professionals before having their portraits taken like real models. Also, 50 other winners will receive a one-year supply of the new collagen powder. Details for entry can be found on the official campaign site (Japanese only).

If you still can’t get your fill of gorgeous, age-defying women, you’ll be blown away by this incredibly youthful-looking grandmother, too!

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Images: Masako’s Lifestyle, YouTube