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The dark magical girl anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica has a release history as complicated as its title. Originating as a 12-episode TV series in 2011, the show became so popular that it was released as two compilation movies in theatres during 2012. Most recently, there was a third theatrical feature that premiered in 2013, featuring the original cast with evolved or corrupted powers and personalities.

So it’s only fitting that the fashion designer 2 PM Works’ Madoka Magica shoes, which sold out during their initial production run, are back again, this time with two new, upgraded pairs of pumps.

The two new models are inspired by series protagonist Madoka Kaname and the twistedly obsessive Homura Akemi. While both start off the series as ‘standard’ magical girls, as the story goes on their powers grow in immense yet diverging ways. While Madoka becomes Ultimate Madoka, a force of goodness and purity, Homura’s all-encompassing desire to escape her feelings of isolation turn her into the Witch Homura.


Fittingly, their respective pumps are deviations on a theme. At first glance the only difference may appear to be the color scheme, but a closer look reveals numerous subtle variations.



The uniquely-fashioned shoes make look as unstable as the psyches of the anime’s child combatants, but they actually shouldn’t be any more difficult to strut about in than an ordinary pair of heels. The colorful round decorations, evocative of the Soul Gems that hold the essence of a magical girl, actually have a pretty sizable flat base.



In addition, 2 PM Works, also the maker of the Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures sneakers and the Attack on Titan shawl, is reissuing its previously-sold line of Madoka Magica pumps based of the original forms of the characters Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki, and Kyoko Sakura.

▼ Clockwise from top: Mami, Madoka, Homura

MP 12

▼ Sayaka (top) and Kyoko (bottom)

MP 13

Each pair goes for 14,800 yen (US$146) and can be ordered from 2 PM Works right here. The 4.5-centimeter (1.8-inch) heels are available in sizes ranging from 22 to 25.5 centimeters, and should be delivered to customers by early September.

Sources: Hachima Kiko, 2 PM Works
Images: 2 PM Works