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In Japanese schools, it’s the responsibility of students to clean the classrooms at the end of the day. But while some kids take this responsibility seriously, others are more interested in goofing off while their more earnest classmates do the majority of the work.

This has to be extremely frustrating. For example, imagine you just put in the time to diligently wash the blackboard, only to reach the end, turn back, and discover someone ruined your efforts by doodling over the section you’d already cleaned. You’d probably be pretty angry, right? But would you be so angry that you’d start a brawl that almost destroys the entire schoolhouse?

If you were the star of this amazing stop motion video, you would.

Titled Blackboard War II, the video was uploaded by YouTube user Daiki Ikeda. As it opens, we see a student, who we’ll call Cleaner, wiping down the chalkboard.

BW 1

He’s doing a fine job of it, and no doubt looking forward to wrapping things up and going home. Suddenly, though, he notices a pair of fish on what should be a perfectly clean blackboard.

BW 2

These animated creatures are the work of his classmate, who we’re dubbing Doodler.

BW 3

Cleaner is understandably in no mood for this, so he starts grabbing the fish and hurling them back at their creator.

BW 5

BW 6

Things only get crazier from here…

Doodler makes a quick escape by leaping into the blackboard and transforming into a stick figure.

BW 24

Two can play at this game, though, so Cleaner follows him into the board, where Doodler next obtains some weaponry from the chalk drawer and counterattacks.

BW 9

BW 10

BW 11

Cleaner then ups the ante by obtaining some chalk of his own and summoning a shark to sick upon his enemy.

BW 25

BW 12

This is more than Doodler is equipped to handle, so he leaps back into the three-dimensional world where he reveals another of his powers: he can fly around on a broom like a witch.

BW 13

Once again, though, Cleaner can match his adversary step for step, and gives chase through the school using the same mode of magical transportation.

BW 14

Once the hunter finally catches his prey, the two drop the mystical superpowers bit and simply start trying to beat the heck out of one another.

BW 15

Eventually, Cleaner manages to grab hold of Doodler and tosses him out the window, over a field, and clear into another wing of the school.

BW 16

Cleaner pursues and winds up for a massive punch, which Doodler, with nowhere left to run, ducks under.

BW 17

There’s so much anger and power behind the attack, though, that it shakes the entire building, knocking it off its foundation and tipping it over.

BW 18

As the two tumble downwards, they fall into the blackboard, once again becoming stick figures hanging onto the magnetized markers stuck to the board.

BW 19

BW 20

As soon as they recover their composure, though, they’re back at it, going hand to hand while balanced on the ledges spread across the blackboard.

BW 21

Apparently this board is connected to the last one they were fighting on, though, since as their battle rages on, the shark Cleaner created suddenly appears, and it’s hungry enough that it’s ready to eat both combatants.

BW 22

Putting their fight on hold, the two students run for their lives. But as they leap from ledge to ledge, with the pursuing shark swallowing the platforms whole, they soon reach the edge of the board. Is there any way for them to survive?

BW 23

We won’t give away the ending, but suffice to say it’s as unexpected as the rest of the video, which is five and a half minutes of creativity and fun that only leaves the audience wanting one thing: Blackboard Wars III as soon as possible.

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Images: YouTube