Curry 1

Now that the World Cup is well and truly underway, fans in Japan have found themselves in the full-blown throes of soccer fever. While some would remedy the malady with a set of earplugs and a good lie-down, others look to the food world, with World Cup menus popping up all over the country offering all sorts of surprises. One place in Osaka has put together a creative curry and cocktail set that represents the Japanese soccer team, Samurai Blue, and the host country of Brazil. Can you see the two countries in the image above?

The “World Set” above includes a creamy curry which is coloured blue using a natural colorant extracted from the fruit of the gardenia. The white rice is topped with a shiny red cherry tomato to create the image of the Japanese flag. A green and yellow Brazilian-themed cocktail is included in the set price of 1,000 yen (US$9.78).

If you prefer to go blue all the way, try the “Samurai Set” for the same price, with the blue cocktail. The drink garnish is a tasty nod to Brazil.

Curry 2

These meals are only available for a limited time, from 15 June to 31 July, at EkiCafe on the second floor of Shin-Osaka Station. If Japan wins a match on the day, get in quick because that’s when the meals will be half price!


Source: Entabe
Images: Nikkan SportsGurunavi