When we introduced the teenage comedian Reika Oozeki last year, we knew she was funny, but we had no idea how far she’d end up going. With 287,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 220,000 more followers on Vine, her influence has certainly grown quickly! She’s even crossed national borders, with people the world over laughing at her manic videos. And, at last, she’s back!

Of course, to be fair, she never really went anywhere–those of you following her on Twitter know that’s she’s as active as ever. But some of her recent Vine videos have left us laughing so hard, we had to share! So click below and get ready for your day to get a whole lot better.

Japan’s gone crazy for Frozen, in case you hadn’t heard. (You probably have.) And it turns out that Reika is no different! Her vine video, an unusually rambunctious take on “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?”, has already attracted quite a bit of attention with over 11,000 likes. We’d try to explain it, but honestly this is one that you have to see for yourself…

Yes, Reika! We DO want to build a snowman! Umm…just go find some snow for us in the middle of summer first.

In case you still haven’t seen the movie, someone has compiled a few more of Reika’s Frozen Vines and spliced them together with actual shots from the Disney movie for a side-by-side comparison. Reika’s version is a lot funnier if you ask us–maybe it’s time for Disney writers to start taking tips from Vine comedians!

Apparently somewhere between going to school and posting hundreds of videos online, Reika also found a magic hoodie…that turns her into a model?? (The other girl at the end is apparently Vienna, another active Twitter user.)

Finally, this is somehow the funniest thing we’ve seen all week.

If we could get a flash mob to do this at the Shibuya scramble for a minute straight, ultimate peace and happiness might descend upon the world, followed by an age of eternal enlightenment.

Or maybe we’d all just tear something laughing…

Sources: Vine, Twitter
Images: Vine