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Few would ever imagine that a pair of cleaning ladies from Japan should be something to be afraid of, but like a childhood friend’s terrifying mother busting a game of spin-the-bottle, a recent series of videos featuring two such individuals has put the fear of God into us today as well as reminding us that we’re never too big for a smack.

Going by the name Caddie Golu Golu, these middle-aged cleaning ladies are part of a campaign by entertainment company Sega Sammy ahead of its golf tournament, the Sega Sammy Cup 2014, which will be held next month. Wearing pink-and-white cleaner’s outfits and giant sun visors, these rapping ladies get up in the faces of rude and inconsiderate golfers, and have also featured in a series of videos meant for the general public, attacking people on the streets of Tokyo who smoke where they shouldn’t, fail to pick up their dog’s poop, or who walk while looking at their smartphones.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Reportedly once real golf caddies, these women were chosen by Sega Sammy to be a part of a manner-awareness campaign co-produced by professional hip-hop artist Luna from popular duo Mary Jane, who also wrote the music and lyrics.

Caddie Golu Golu’s first video, titled “Say fore”, warns golfers to shout a warning whenever their ball goes astray, with the rapping caddies literally beating down men who forget this common courtesy.

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▼ “You’re supposed to shout fore!!!”

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They duo also warn golfers not to turn up to the course wearing denim, t-shirts or shorts, and tell them not to inconvenience others on the course by screwing around with their friends or taking forever to take a shot.

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You can watch the video in full here. We think you’ll agree that it’s just the right blend of catchy, informative and laugh-out-loud funny, whether you speak Japanese or not.

Caddie Golu Golu don’t stop at upholding the laws of the golf course, though; a series of spin-off videos sees them taking to the streets of Tokyo to yell and rap at everyone from businessmen smoking outside of the designated smoking areas to women who don’t clean up after the dogs. Even those caught in the act of “aruki sumaho” (walking while looking at a smartphone) get an earful.

▼ Walking while using your smartphone? “De-de-de-de-denjarasu!”

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▼ “This is your dog’s crap, yo!”

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▼ “Get your ass to a smoking area!”

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They might be getting on in years, and we bet they carry sweets in their purse to give to strangers on the train, but we certainly wouldn’t mess with these ladies, fictional or not.

“Walking while using a smartphone”

“Smoking on the street!? #%@#&*!!!”

“You left your dog’s poop!”

Mi-na-de ruu-ru-wo ma-mo-re!” Man, that’s catchy.

Source: Caddie Golu Golu, Sega Sammy, YouTube
Screenshots via YouTube