Since his first appearance back in 1954, Godzilla has cut his teeth on dozens of films and taken down a number of enemies in the process. When it comes to the battle of the batter, however, it seems Godzilla and his mate Mothra have walked away defeated, as there’s no shaking off a coat of oil and Japanese breadcrumbs.

Spotted as part of a restaurant food display in Nagaragawa, Gifu Prefecture, photos of the creation have been popping up all over the internet. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as the restaurant also has a pair of tempura beetles on show. Another famous Japanese character, Medama-oyaji, also gets in on the food play by taking a dip in a bowl of ramen noodles.


A fried Godzilla and a tiny naked man with an eyeball for a head bathing his privates in your soup? What sounds like a crazy, made-up dream is often part of the sweet everyday in Japan. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Source: トゥギャッチ 
Images: TUKItoMoon Twitter