Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan?

It’s the land of serial arresting.

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Tokyo prison restaurant The Lockup closes its doors for good

Throwing away the key after 23 years of terrifying tourists. 

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Carlos Ghosn leaves jail in workman cosplay, causes hilarious Twitter storm in Japan

Japanese people go crazy for Ghosn’s bad disguise.

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Stay at the Nara Juvenile Prison hotel in Japan in 2020

First look at the guest rooms and dining areas set to appear at the historic Meiji-era complex.

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Amazon Japan adds regulations for deliveries to prisons, the internet wonders why

You no longer have to bake a file in a cake to get something to your buddy in prison; it seems Amazon Japan will do the delivering for you. Sharp-eyed netizens noticed a peculiar addition to the Help Page on the popular home shopping site titled “About shipping to prisons” and it has us all wondering what events transpired to warrant the new information.

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Go to jail, learn to… dance? 【Videos】

Going to jail is, regardless of the country, never fun. Between wardens forcing you to do their taxes for barely a bottle of suds, and the food, it’s got to be a horrible way to spend a few years of your life.

That said, some prisons certainly are better than others. For example, the dancing prisoners in the Philippines sure do seem a lot happier than if they were forced to do manual labor. And while a visit to a prison might not exactly be on the top of your average holiday to-do list, this is one jail you would want to go out of your way to get into! (At least for the show.)

Here’s RocketNews24 Japan‘s Sekai no Shogo with the report!

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