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Never before have there been so many things for your cat to ignore, all under one roof.

As regular RocketNews24 readers will know, we love cats. Whether they’re invading workplaces, getting stuck in curtains, or dressing up in fancy kimonos, pretty much anything they do is “d’aww” inducing, and we can’t get enough of them.

If you’re the lucky enough to have a feline friend friend of your own, then chances are you want to make them as happy as they make you.

But cats can be extremely fickle creatures. Sometimes they appreciate the boxes your gifts come in far more than the gift itself, and will, at the drop of a whisker, suddenly decide that their once favorite toy/bed/place to sit is the worst thing ever and not use it for months.

Which is why Amazon Japan recently opened up the “Cat Store” section of their site, to help cat owners find the perfect presents for their pets—ones that, hopefully, won’t be ignored or abandoned quite so quickly.

The “Cat Store” consists of over 26,000 of the highest-rated cat-related items out there, broken down into categories and sorted by user ratings so that you can be sure you’re buying something that your cat might *gasp!* actually use.

Along with cat food, collars, toys, and litter boxes, there are “cool bed tents,” “stylish cat goods,” cat towers, “fun toys/scratching posts,” and more, so that your cat can be the most pampered on the block.

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Here’s just a sample of some of the most amazing items we’ve found so far at Amazon Japan’s “Cat Store” so far:

▼ A Cat Scratch Turntable, so your cat can drop the bass… or tuna if they prefer.

amazon cat store 04

“Hello I drank all the water so I can’t put out your fire sorry bye!”

amazon cat store 06

For cats who are a bit more in touch with their ferocious side.

amazon cat store 07

“This is your last chance! Hand over the can opener and no one gets hurt!”

amazon cat store 05

For the shy cats out there who crave a hide-away space inside a giant tomato.

amazon cat store 03

“But I don’t want to go to spaaaaaaaaaaaace!”

amazon cat store 02

Unfortunately if you live outside of Japan, then you’re most likely going to have to pay a bit for international shipping from Amazon Japan’s “Cat Store.” But it’s at times like these when you have to ask yourself, is it worth it to take my cat to the vet inside an international space station carrier?

We would hope the answer is a resounding yes, or, at the very least, an intrigued “meow.”

Source: Amazon Japan via NetLab
Images: Amazon Japan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)