Last winter, we were all saddened to hear about the passing of Giant Isopod No.1, the most famous crustacean at the Toba Aquarium in Mie Prefecture. Life must go on, though, and perhaps it’s now finally time to turn the page at Toba, as the isopod era comes to an end and is replaced by something much cuter: the age of adorable napping otters.

Twitter user Manbou (@manbou400) recently stopped by the aquarium, where he caught two of the facility’s otters in a moment of sleepy bliss.

▼ Apparently humans aren’t the only animals who love hammocks.

Taking a look at the same cozy guy from a different angle, we can also see the second otter propped against the glass wall of one of the aquarium’s tanks.

Internet commentators were quite a bit more animated in their reactions than the two slumbering marine mammals.

“They’re so cute I can hardly stand it!”
“Let me rub his belly!”
“Oooo I wanna take a nap with them!”
“Looks like it’s cute o’clock!”

Between these otters and the cat we recently saw chilling in a chair, it seems like humanity has some tough new competition for the title of species with the strongest love of leisure.

So come on everybody, let’s all do our part to be lazier than the rest of the animal kingdom! Put everything you’ve got into doing nothing, starting right now!

Wait a second, is that how it works?

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Source: Twitter/@manbou400 via Hamuster Sokuho