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For some reason, giant marine isopods are always popping up in the news in Japan. Earlier this year we learned of the death of the lovingly named “Isopod No.1” at Toba Aquarium, which passed away after going five years without eating. Back in March, lucky diners had a chance to crunch down on the tiny exoskeletons of moderately sized isopods in what was surely a dinner from some twisted aquarium worker’s nightmare.

Now, Japan’s fascination with the giant isopod continues in the form of yet another iPhone case. But this one is just a little more realistic (and a whole lot creepier) because it was made using the carcass of isopod No.1 as a model.

The creepy crawly case was discovered by Engadget Japan at the Niconico Chokaigi3, a “a grand-scale Niconico fan event” held in Chiba, Tokyo’s funny-shaped neighbor to the east. Made as a result of a collaboration between mobile phone provider AU and the Toba Aquarium, only 1,000 cases were made and were sold exclusively at the event. Oddly enough, the cost to produce each case came out to a whopping 7,380 yen (US$72), but they were sold for a comparatively low price of 3,000 yen ($29), although we’re not sure anyone would have bought one if they were sold for any more. Take a closer look at the case and decide for yourself:

Can’t get enough of this phone-turned-waterbug? Check out Engadget Japan’s photo gallery with even more up-close views. And if you think the case is weird, take a look at this video of an actual giant isopod. You’ll never look at a roly poly the same.

Source: Engadget Japan via Hachima Kikou