You just can’t keep a good otter down.

Fans around the world were disheartened to hear that beloved otter yurukyara mascot Chiitan was disowned by her adoptive city of Susaki. After months of skateboarding on treadmills and smashing things with bats, all without fulfilling any civic duty whatsoever, they simply felt it was better to amicably part ways.

Luckily, Chiitan’s strong social media presence on Twitter and YouTube has buoyed her over to her next venture: her own animated series. Set to air on TV Tokyo starting 3 April, Yosei Chiitan (Fairy Chiitan) will feature practical humor like the stunts she performs in real life, such as shaking a giant bottle of cola and then riding it into outer space.

For those who might not be up to speed on Chiitan’s consubstantiality, she now exists simultaneously in three forms. Most recently we have the anime Chiitan as seen above, which is an extension of the yurukyara Chiitan which has become a hit online.

But Chiitan is also a living, breathing, pet Asian small-clawed otter who is also a social media darling in her own right.

This means Chiitan can run the gamut from magical adventures, Jackass-like stunts, and good old-fashioned cuteness all at the same time. Needless to say she is a character that transcends space and time, providing us with entertainment on multiple fronts.

Yosei Chiitan will be shown Wednesday mornings at 7:30 as a part of TV Tokyo’s Kinder TV block of programming, and the debut episode will follow the cola-bottle trip to space in its entirety. The voice of Chiitan will be done by Moa Tsukino, a bass player and member of Kamen Joshi who you may remember as the idol group whose various smells and textures are the inspiration for a line of fried chicken.

▼ The voice of Chiitan, Moa Tsukino, playing bass

So fans of Chiitan can rest easy knowing that her star is shining brighter than ever. The only question is what can she become next? A hologram? A vocaloid? Only time will tell.

Source: Big Globe News
Top image: YouTube/Chiitan