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This cat’s hilariously well-timed, meow-filled responses are convincing the world he understands Japanese!

One of the reasons we love cute cat videos is the fact that they give us a taste of a worry-free life of luxury, with days devoted to nothing but playing, napping and eating. Now there’s a cute kitty in Japan who’s showing us all just how spoilt a cat’s life can really be, with a pre-naptime conversation with his human detailing his preference for the evening meal that will inevitably be waiting for him when he arises from his slumber. The way the adorably sleepy cat responds to his owner’s questions, with a series of well-timed silences and meows, makes it sound like he understands every word that’s being said in Japanese!

And this isn’t just some random conversation either — according to the video’s title, the cat can’t sleep unless the owner has a conversation with it first! We wish someone would have nap-time chats to help us fall asleep too…

▼ Take a look at the captivating “Conversation with a Cat” video below.

The cute conversation, combined with the lullaby music in the background and kitty’s blissful slumber at the end of the clip, is warming the cockles of hearts of around the country, with viewers leaving comments like:

“OMG – that moment when he falls off to sleep after talking is just too cute!”
“I wish I could go off to sleep while talking to someone like this.”

“I can’t believe the way he’s speaking so perfectly!”
“This is so adorable! I have seven cats and none of them talk to me like this.”
“He totally understands everything his owner is saying!”
“I love how he chooses his meal: ‘Chicken?’ – Silence ‘Fish?’ – ‘MEOW!'”

The cat’s masterful dinner selection is brilliant, playing out like it would in a fictional story or a cute anime cartoon, only this one’s doing it in real life!

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If that was the only hard decision we had to make all day, we’d be putting our heads down for a spot of light slumber too!

Source: Buzzmag
Top Image: YouTube/Afro Blue
Screenshots: YouTube/Afro Blue