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At one point in the Gundam franchise, there’s a scene where cadets are shown training with the hit anime’s giant robots by shooting humongous paintballs at each other. Until today, you could have made the argument that it was the silliest use of guns in the hundreds of hours of animation that make up the complete saga.

But not anymore, because now there are Gundam water pistols.

Just in time to keep mecha-loving anime fans cool through the summer, manufacturer Plex is releasing not one, but two water-spewing weapons based on some of the original Mobile Suit Gundam’s most iconic military hardware.

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First up is the beam rifle water gun, modeled after the laser gun wielded by the heroic RX-78 Gundam.

▼ It even features a rotatable sight, which will come in handy should you feel like shooting your water pistol gansta’ style.

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But as we’ve seen time and time again, it’s the war machines of the series’ villainous Zeon military that really gets fans’ blood pumping, so of course there’s also a water gun based on the machine gun of the monocular Zeon Zaku.

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Unfortunately, neither pistol is full-scale, so you can forget about dousing your whole neighborhood in a single squirt. The Gundam gun is 31 centimeters (12.2 inches) long, while the Zaku version measures 36 centimeters from the tip of its barrel to the edge of its shoulder stock.

Both guns have a suggested retail price of a very reasonable 1,080 yen (US$10.50), but sell at slightly discounted prices here and here on Amazon Japan.

Should you decide to pick one up, we recommend following the advice of one Japanese Internet commentator and pairing it with one of the Gundam beam saber umbrellas, they sell at Tokyo’s Gundam Cafes, just in case your friends have armed themselves similarly.

▼ The poor spelling won’t make it any less effective in keeping you dry.

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Source: Jin, Gundam Info
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