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Believe it or not, the anime with a character named Full Frontal isn’t an animated porno, as Mr. Frontal is actually the villain in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

As with most installments of the Gundam saga, Unicorn isn’t really a direct sequel to any of the more than two dozen pre-existing anime to bear the Gundam name. Still, there’re plenty of winks and nods to fans who’ve been around since the franchise’s start. Full Frontal’s blond hair, penchant for masks, and complex psychology closely mirror that of the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam’s antagonist, Char.

So it’s only fitting that since last year Char got his own car, now Full Frontal has a customized ride too.

The seventh disc of the direct-to-DVD Gundam Unicorn series, Towards the Rainbow, is set for release this week. It’s been over nine months since fans got their hands on the last episode, and to commemorate the event, Towards the Rainbow will screen in 35 theaters across Japan.

While the anime being shown is the same at all locations, fans who can make the trip to downtown Tokyo would be wise to catch Episode 7 at the Shinjuku Piccadilly, since the theater is now displaying the Toyota Auris Full Frontal Custom in its lobby.

Based on the same unassuming five-door hatchback that served as the canvas for the Auris Char’s Customize, Toyota’s engineers don’t seem to have done any real massaging of the engine, which produces between 104 to 142 horsepower, depending on trim level. But while the Full Frontal Auris won’t get its driver where he’s going especially quickly, he’ll at least look stylishly unique getting there, thanks to the extensive body kit slapped onto the car.

▼ Normal Auris

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▼ Full Frontal Custom

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Like all Gundam villains’ rides, the Toyota sports a bold red paint job. The insignia of Frontal’s faction, Neo Zeon, is also plastered all over the car, showing up in the grille, across the rear doors, the rear hatch, and even the roof.

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▼ Ordinarily, dual-stacked quadruple tailpipes would be a pretty eye-catching mod, but here, they’re just about the last things we noticed.

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Other tie-ins to the anime character include bronzed wheels that match the clasps on Frontal’s uniform jacket, plus the “horn” featured on Frontal’s war mech.

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▼ On the Char Auris, the horn was a small accoutrement that attached to the roof and functioned as a radio antenna. Here, its point seems to be to make the car look cool as it blocks your line of sight and you crash into a lamppost.

FF 7

Sadly, the Full Frontal Auris won’t be coming to showrooms, as the machine is a one-off that won’t be sold to the general public. So if your love of pilotable technology encompasses both giant robots and compact cars, head on over to the Piccadilly before Frontal’s Toyota pulls out on May 30.

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Theater information
Shinjuku Piccadilly /新宿ピカデリー
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-15-15

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