With all of the cool, capable characters in anime, it’s not too hard to see the appeal of cosplay. For many fans, literally spending a few minutes in the shoes of their favorite hero or heroine lets them feel every bit as strong, smart, or beautiful as the costume’s usual 2-D inhabitant.

Confidence boost aside, though, slipping on a costume sadly still leaves you with all of the shortcomings you have when you’re wearing an ordinary T-shirt and jeans. Dressing up as Attack on Titan’s Mikasa won’t really transform you into a highly skilled acrobatic swordswoman. Wearing the same nondescript school uniform of the newest harem series’ blank slate male protagonist make you irresistible to women.

Likewise, all the fictional computer power behind Gundam still won’t prevent you from getting lost in the real world.

“Lost Gundam” would make a pretty awesome title for the next installment of Japanese animation’s longest-running mecha franchise, but it was also a pretty accurate description of a recent scene that unfolded in Taiwan.

What you see here is an extremely detailed recreation of the ZZ Gundam, the titular mobile suit of the 1986 anime of the same name. As the personal ride of series hero Judau, the ZZ Gundam has some high-spec equipment, including 60-milimeter vulcan guns, twin beam sabers, and multiple missile launchers.

Apparently GPS navigation isn’t included though, as seen in these photos shared by Alex Chang on his Facebook page.

Unfortunately, even with a map, Lost Gundam wasn’t sure which way to go. Ordinarily it’s the job of franchise creator and ZZ Gundam director Yoshiyuki Tomino to give directions to the mobile suits, but since he wasn’t around, the impressively built robot had no choice but to ask passersby on the street for help.

There’s no word as to whether Lost Gundam eventually got to where he was headed, but we’re hoping he did, just like we’re hoping his eventual destination was the KFC seen in the background.

▼ Fighting Neo Zeon is hungry work.

Source: Jin, Facebook