A great chance for those unable to visit during the final days.

Earlier this month the disappointing announcement arrived that the Gundam Cafe will close all of its locations in Japan early next year. This is especially unfortunate as it continues to be tricky to travel, giving fans little opportunity to pay the theme restaurant one last visit.

Perhaps that is why Gundam Cafe is releasing their special themed curry through the Premium Bandai online shop, so that people everywhere can enjoy one last spoonful of these colorful dishes.

For 648 yen (US$5.69), you can get the Federation’s White Guy Curry, named after Amuro Ray’s RG-78-2 Gundam. Frankly though, it’s not really all that white.

The chicken curry itself is brilliantly white to match the suit’s appearance and is especially photogenic when served with some saffron rice.

Or for the same price you can side with the Principality of Zeon and choose the Triple Spicy Red Comet Curry.

Colored bright red in honor of Char Aznable’s Zaku II, he would proudly declare that his curry three times spicier than the average one. It’s undoubtedly a highly customized beef curry.

However, that’s not all! Starting 23 November, Gundam Cafe locations will also start serving two newtypes… sorry, new types of curry. And if you order before 17 November you might even get them delivered to your home one day earlier that the restaurant.

The first one is the Amazing! Mobile Green Curry, modeled after the MA-08 Big Zam suit piloted by Dozle Zabi.

This military green curry has an intimidating spiciness much like Dozle, but deep down is full of wholesome ingredients like chicken and vegetables.

▼ Adding some mini-tomatoes can really bring out the Gundam aesthetic

The second is the Proud Blue Giant Curry, based on the blue MS-07 Gouf that belonged to Ramba Ral.

Although the most radically colored curry of the group, it’s a pork curry with a very mellow texture and down-to-earth taste.

The downside to these home versions is not getting the elaborate presentation of the actual Gundam Cafe servings, but on the other hand, it gives you a chance to exercise your own creativity like this humble rice monument to the late Ramba Ral.

By the way, those eye-catching Zeon dishes are sadly not included with the curry. Also, the 17 November deadline on the Premium Bandai website is just for pre-orders. After 23 November, normal orders will be accepted while supplies last… if there are any supplies left by then.

The only other option will be to order these dishes directly at a Gundam Cafe. However you do it, just be sure to act fast because the days appear to be numbered for these fine robotic foods.

Source: Premium Bandai, Gundam Cafe, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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