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There is no better way to beat the heat of the summer than a day at a water park! Ice cream and cold drinks only cool-down your mouth, whereas at a water park, you can jump into a refreshing pool of water again, again and again! You can’t do that with ice cream. For those people that love roller coasters and are always on the lookout for brand new adrenaline pumping attractions, a new ride at a famous water park has “funneled” into our sights!

Akiruno City in Tokyo is home to a theme park called Tokyo Summerland. Covering a huge area in the Akigawa Hills, it features an amusement park called “Thrill Mountain” and two water parks: the indoor “Adventure Dome” and the outdoor “Adventure Lagoon”. Summerland’s newest attraction can be found in the Adventure Lagoon, and it’s called DEKASLA! Most likely a compound Japanese and English word that means “big slide”, the DEKASLA boasts a fearsome visual.

▼”New Summerland ride!! It looks so fun!!”

Without seeing the slide in action, you might think that the funnel is meant to contain your circular momentum as you swirl around the funnel until it drops you off into the pool below. That idea conjures up horrifying images of a certain infamous Action Park Cannonball Loop.

▼Yeah, people got stuck.

Dekasla 2

But this is Japan, and they would never put their riders at too much risk. No, this new attraction is much safer than you may think. This ride is designed for four to six people riding on an inflatable raft. The slide section stands 19 meters (62.33 feet) tall, and plunges you into darkness before it shoots you out into the funnel. Riding up the side, you will glide back and forth until you reach the bottom of the funnel which transfers you to another tunnel before you slip and slide into the pool below.

▼Kamakura Buddha: 11.3m, Dad: 1.3m, 5-story building: 20m, DEKASLA: 24m! BOOM!

Dekasla 5


Even though it’s not the upside down water slide of your dreams (or nightmares), it still sounds like a pretty fun way to get out of the heat this summer. Each ride will cost you 500 yen (US$4.90) on top of the entrance fee of 3,500 yen ($34.28) or you can get unlimited rides with the free pass at 4,500 yen ($44.07). For the chance to tell your friends that you rode on that “big funnel thing”, get yourself to Tokyo Summerland this summer…land!

Source: Togech, Summerland
Images: TwitterSummerland DEKASLA, YouTube