The slide is more like a catapult, sending daredevils hurtling through the air and along the ground in full force.

On the island of Shikoku, in the northwestern prefecture of Ehime, lies an ordinary park, filled with walking paths, jungle gym equipment, and a towering slide that’s been making news with daredevils around the country.

▼ Set up beneath some picturesque sakura cherry blossom trees, the slide looks pretty harmless in the light of day.

In wet conditions, however, the 60-metre (197-foot) long slide becomes a dangerous thrill ride, with teenagers and adults throwing caution to the wind and heading to the park in the rain to test their mettle. A number of videos have appeared on Twitter showing just what happens when hooligans slide down a steep slope set at an angle of 27 degrees, and if their screams are anything to go by, the ride is nothing short of terrifying.

▼ One of the first videos to show people flying off the slide appeared from a group of boys in July last year.

▼ The boys posted several clips of each other hurtling along the ground at full force.

The videos were liked and shared thousands of times on Twitter, with people blown away by the force of the scary slide in wet conditions, which the boys were lucky to escape from without any injuries. While the subject slowly died down online, it’s now blown up again, with a new video posted by Twitter user @yuukun3379 on 17 September.

In less than a day, the new clip has received over a hundred thousand likes and retweets, with users leaving comments like:

“It looks painful but I can’t help laughing when I watch this!”
“Whoever created this slide must’ve been aiming to break people’s bones.”
“This is the scariest children’s slide I’ve ever seen!”
“I’d definitely try this if I was in Ehime.”
“People should not be laughing at this. There’s a real risk you could damage your spine or suffer a fatal injury.”

While this thrillseeker was lucky enough to escape unscathed, the risk of accidents remains high, so @yuukun3379 has warned people, particularly small children, to stay away from the slippery dip in wet weather. Safety first, folks!

Park Information
Asakura Midori no Furusato Koen/朝倉緑のふるさと公園
Address: Ehime-ken, Imabari-shi, Asakura Shimo 258-1

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@nakatsukasan