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In the latest episode of their popular “React” series, YouTubers The Fine Bros decided to give their group of tech-savvy kids none other than an original Nintendo Game Boy to see what they’d make of it. As you might expect, what with the portable console now being roughly 25 years old, many of the kids had absolutely no idea what it was, nor even how to turn the thing on.

So join us after the jump to see little kids fumbling to insert game cartridges, failing to find the power switch and saying things like “You have to actually press buttons” and “I kinda feel sad for the people in the past.”

Aged between six and 13, the kids are given a chance to play around with the Nintendo portable before being asked for their thoughts on it. Their reactions are at once amusing and slightly depressing for anyone who once owned and treasured one of these chunky little consoles, and hint at how far technology has come in our lifetimes.

Just a couple of the shocking soundbites to come out of the kids’ mouths include:

“Did you really enjoy playing this?”

“So you kept it, but why?”

“You don’t just turn it on and get the apps?”

“My dad had one.”

And then there’s this guy, with whom we would very much like to sit down and have a serious chat.

“It’s not like there’s going to be any amazing games on it haha”

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Here’s the video in full. Let us know roughly how old the kids’ reactions made you feel in the comments section.

Source: YouTube – The Fine Bros h/t Joystiq