Solving a mystery and saving a marriage is all in a day’s work for this beloved Japanese gaming company.

Nintendo is a company that’s held in high esteem by gamers around the world, not only for its iconic games and gaming consoles, but for its exceptionally warmhearted treatment of fans and customers

In fact, the company’s customer service is so extraordinary it’s been dubbed “God-like“, and that God-like service made news again this week, when happy customer @sam_nama shared this tweet on Twitter.

@sam_nama says he sent off his Wii U console to Nintendo for repairs when it stopped working. While the console was fixed by the company and returned in working order, the photos show it came with a ring inside a little plastic bag, and a message on the invoice detailing the repairs, which read:

“A metal item had been inserted into the disc reader section of the Wii U console. This time, for the cost below we included the removal of the product as well as cleaning.”

According to @sam_nama, the ring Nintendo found inside the console was his wedding ring, which he’d lost a few months earlier and had been searching around the house for. He says his two-and-a-half year-old daughter had inserted the ring into the console, as if it were a coin going into a money box. 

▼ Not exactly a Mario coin.

Thankfully for this husband and father, the honest folks at Nintendo returned the wedding ring to him, relieving him of the anxiety he’d felt over losing such a precious item and any repercussions that might bring. He also says the console was cleaned and the ring was sparkling as well, suggesting Nintendo cleaned his jewellery as part of the repair fee, at no extra cost.

The tweet quickly went viral, earning over 213,000 likes, along with a whole heap of adoring–and punny–comments.

“Ring Fit! Hahahahaha”
“Nintendo even saves marriages!”
“I guess it’s better your daughter stuffed the console with a coin and not a banana!”
“Nintendo restoring our faith in the world again. Thank you, Nintendo!”
“It’s as if they’re like Santa’s elves, delivering your ring as a Christmas gift!”

The owner of the ring did say he was confused to find jewellery inside the package at first, and it took him a while to realise what had happened. Now he’s thankful to Nintendo not just for their games, but their sterling customer service too.

It’s all in a day’s work for Nintendo, though, where staff have been known to lovingly replace parts on a gamer’s beloved 3DS for a pittance, help kids overcome bullying, and even reply to a blind boy’s letter in braille.

And remember that time they sent out their only new Game Boy to a 95-year-old Japanese grandmother? That’s a story that still makes us tear up with happy tears to this day!

Source: Twitter/@sam_nama via Jin
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