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I never really felt much about Michael Bay one way or another until he started in on Transformers. Michael, sir, we may share the same first name and I may be willing to enjoy the casual racism and over-the-top violence of your earlier works, but when you start messing around with my childhood… That’s where I draw the line.

Transformers may have never been anything more than a glorified 30-minute toy commercial with a loosely cohesive story arc at its best, but to my child brain, it was my glorified toy commercial…with ROBOTS!

While Michael Bay may have had a field day, and earned literal truckloads of money, destroying my childhood, a Malaysian fan had the incredibly bright idea of using actual Transformers toys to make an awesome stop-motion homage to the venerable 80’s classic.

Harris Loureiro, the fan behind the project, apparently poured 10 months into this awesome labor of love so that the world might be a better place. We especially love the little fan touches like the punch-out board for model parts that Optimus Prime crashes into at around the 3-minute mark.

In addition to those little fan touches, there are a variety of expert special effects in place. It’s not Video Game High School levels of skill, certainly, but for one guy working out of what appears to be a small one-bedroom apartment, it’s certainly impressive. And just think: It took Michael Bay millions of dollars and thousands of hours of labor to create robot testicles for the big screen.

Source: ITmedia