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Okay, so the type of pen that you use in your daily routine may not be the most important detail in your life. But when you have a fun and attractive pen to write with, it helps to make your day just a little bit brighter, doesn’t it? In that spirit, we’ve already introduced you to a line of lovely Sailor Moon pens in one of our past articles, but this time, we’ve found some pens that may be a delight for those of you more into the robot/mecha genre. They’re Transformers pens, and yes, they actually change shapes — so Transformers fans, get ready to “transform and roll out” the letters!

The intricately designed pens, made by toy and figure manufacturer Sentinel Co., Ltd., come in three variations — Optimus Prime (or “Convoy”, as he’s known in Japan), Nemesis Prime (or “Black Convoy” in Japan) and a special edition Ultra Magnus.

As you can see, the pens are created in amazing detail to make the transformation from robot into pen possible, and in their robot forms, the figures have fully movable joints, which allows them to carry their blaster weapons in various positions.

▼Here are some pictures of the Optimus Prime pen, in both the robot and pen form, looking quite regal in the bright trademark Optimus colors.
pen Optimus 1

pen Optimus 2

pen Optimus 3

pen Optimus 4

pen Optimus 5

pen Optimus 6

pen Optimus 7

▼This is the Nemesis Prime pen, the dark coloring giving it a sinister yet cool look.
pen Nemesis 1

pen Nemesis 2

pen Nemesis 3

pen Nemesis 4

pen Nemesis 5

pen Nemesis 6

▼And this is the special edition Ultra Magnus pen, available only through the Hobby Link Japan online shop. Collectors will definitely want to check this out!
pen Ultra 1

pen Ultra 2

pen Ultra 3

pen Ultra 4

pen Ultra 5

pen Ultra 6

Well, we have to say, these guys certainly look sleek and stylish! And the fact that you can make them actually transform must be absolutely thrilling to fans of the series. Not surprisingly, the creator of this pen is a passionate fan himself, as he explains by writing in the Sentinel blog, “I love Transformers, and I wanted to work with the concept of having something you can carry around with you that you really like and be able to ‘show it off’, in a way, to people around you. I wanted it to be something practical, and that’s how I came up with the idea of a pen. I also didn’t want to compromise on the form and mobility of the robot; we had to make it look cool, too. In the end, I think we were able to create a product the Sentinel as a company can be proud of. We made sure the pen wasn’t too big, so that it would be easy to write with. It’s a quality pen, and we hope you give it a try!”

The pens are 10.5cm (approx 4 in.) tall in robot form and 14.3cm (5 and 1/2 in.) long as a pen, and all three types are priced at 4,298 yen (US$42). The Optimus Prime pen will come out in September, while the other two pens will be released in October, and apparently, they’ve already started taking pre-orders for the Optimus Prime pen at several online shops. Unfortunately, the pens seem to be sold in Japan only, but we think you’ll still agree that they look pretty darn amazing. Actually, it  makes us wonder what we can we look forward to next — maybe Transformers iPhone cases?

Source: Sentinel Co., Ltd. website and blog via ITmedia (all in Japanese) 
Photos: Sentinel Co., Ltd. website