Frozen convenience store items in Japan

Japan has officially caught Frozen fever and you’d be hard pressed to go on any Japanese forum without seeing at least one strange, crazy, or completely cool post about the movie. It seems Japanese manufacturers have caught on and a storm of Frozen foods in limited edition packages have been produced in celebration of the July 16 release of Anna and the Snow Queen, the title given to Disney’s chilly hit animated feature in Japan. Let’s take a look at just a few!

First up we have Meiji’s blueberry Bulgaria Yogurt featuring the two Frozen sisters:

▼ Bulgaria brand is by far the most favorite yogurt of Japan, but we have a feeling it’s now going to be even more popular.Frozen convenience store items in Japan2

▼ It comes in a drinkable variety as well!Frozen convenience store items in Japan3

The Yamazaki Baking Co. has wrapped their popular confections in beautifully illustrated packaging featuring snowflakes falling around Elsa and Anna.

▼ Sugar doughnuts get a little more frosted. Frozen convenience store items in Japan4

▼ Elsa showcases the salted caramel cake.Frozen convenience store items in Japan5

▼ Anna looks right at home with the pink package of the crepe roll pastry.Frozen convenience store items in Japan6

Starting July 15, Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart will release some adorable Frozen snacks of their own.

▼ First up, the colorful “rare cheese parfait.” Frozen convenience store items in Japan7

▼ Sink your teeth into a bit of “blueberry rare cheese Olaf”Frozen convenience store items in Japan8

▼ Our favorite Frozen items, these Braid Bread are even baked to resemble the color of both Anna and Elsa’s long locks.Frozen convenience store items in Japan12

Frozen convenience store items in Japan13

Bourbon (the company, not the drink) gets points for having the largest variety of items decked out in snowflakes. Here’s a small sample of their products:

▼ The entire gang (even the nasty Hans) can be found on these chocolate & strawberry biscuits.Frozen convenience store items in Japan9

▼ These potato chips look icy cool with their new makeover!Frozen convenience store items in Japan10

▼ How about some Frozen bottled water? Check out Olaf in the top corner!Frozen convenience store items in Japan14

Frozen convenience store items in Japan15

Nope, we’re not quite done yet! Our last Frozen food is from Japanese confectionary Glico and will be available starting August 19. The Kiss Will candies are peach mint flavored tablets shaped like Mickey Mouse and come in one of three shades of pink packaging featuring the duo of either Anna and Elsa or Elsa and Olaf.

Frozen convenience store items in Japan11

We’re not sure if you’ll be able to finish off all of the limited edition Frozen foods in one day (those Braid Breads are quite substantial), but we’re sure you’ll have fun trying. And if all these Japanese foods wrapped up in Frozen have you curious about the Japanese language version of the movie, take a look at one of the trailers from Japan!:

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