While people around the world are still in love with Disney’s Frozen, in Japan it’s all about Anna and the Snow Queen. The Japanese title for the animated movie puts the focus firmly on the two heroines at the centre of the story, and whether you’re a fan of Elsa, the Snow Queen with the X-Men-like ability to create snow, frost and ice, or Anna, the younger, darker-haired sister, you’ll be in awe of the dedication this Japanese netizen shows to her favourite Disney princess. With some clever hairstyling and awesome makeup, it’s like Anna stepped out of the frozen kingdom and into the real world!

The three main elements for transforming yourself into Anna: cute bangs, huge, sparkly eyes and a perfect pout.  The side-by-side highlights a remarkable resemblance, earning this twitter user fans of her own, with over 14,000 re-tweets of this image to date.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 9.53.17 AM


Whoah! Anna, your eyes are huge in real life!


It’s amazing what a bit of eye makeup can do. Especially when it’s used on your eyelids. Awww, Anna – that expression would thaw anyone’s heart!


Twitter user urihcim simply says she wanted to become Anna and decided to share the results of her experiment. Now she’s earning praise for her efforts from people around the country! She’s also doing a good job of pointing out that proportions in the animated world of beauty can be rather shocking in real life.


Freaky or fabulous? What do you think of Anna’s foray into the real world? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Byoukan Sunday
Images: Twitter urihcim@melon7142