Sega offers us a can’t-lose roll of the dice by asking “Who are You?” when we all know the answer.

As you can probably guess from the name, Sega Toys Who are You? stuffed animal line is supposed to have an element of mystery to it. When you first take your fuzzy friend out of the package, it’s a nondescript little furball.

Of course, a stuffed ball isn’t a stuffed animal, so what you do next is wash the furball in water and comb out its hair to reveal whether you’ve got a puppy, kitten, or some other fluffy companion, as shown in this video.

▼ Getting together with a half-dozen friends to sing a song with coordinated dance moves and outfits is optional.

The question of “Who are you?” is pretty easy to solve with the newest member of lineup, though, which looks like this:

That’s quite obviously Pikachu, and sure enough, the new plushie is called Who are You? Pokémon. If we’re being sticklers for grammar, though, it really should be called “Which are You?”, because while you’re guaranteed a Pikachu, there are actually three versions of the always-welcome Electric-type: one with a grin, one with a mouth-wide-open-and-eyes-shut smile, and another giving you a playful wink. There’s also some variety in their tales, as the winking one’s has a cleft that creates a heart shape, indicating that it’s a female Pikachu.

Who are You? Pokémon goes on sale this fall, priced at 3,800 yen (US$36). Oh, and if it feels weird to have Sega be making merchandise for a video game series so strongly associated with its historical rival Nintendo, there’s a certain company that would like you to know who created the Pokémon franchise in the first place.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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