melty owl

Tuluko is a 2-year-old Little Owl (yes, that’s it’s real name) who lives in an apartment in Tokyo. His owner goes by the name KIMUPIKO on Twitter and regularly posts photos of his tiny owl friend, much to the delight of Japanese netizens. The photo above in particular has been melting hearts across the internet. Just seeing Tuluko hunkered down on the warm heated floor is cute enough, but wait until you see some of her other photos.

▼ Tuluko likes to perch on top of things…like a slipper.cute owl3

▼ But she likes to be under things, too.cute owl4

▼ Sometimes she even likes to be on top of and under something at the same time.cute owl2

▼ Of course she likes to perch atop the couch.cute owl5

▼ And on the table…cute owl7

▼ How would you like a little buddy to watch over you while you do the dishes?cute owl9

▼ But most of all Tuluko likes to snuggle up.cute owl

▼ She really likes to snuggle.cute owl6

▼ It could just be her favorite thing.cute owl8

Does anyone else wish they had a pet owl now?

Source: Net Lab
Images: Twitter (KIMPUPIKO)