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Since Mario and his younger, taller, skinnier brother, Luigi, first joined us in the mid 80s, there have been scores of games, merchandise, an awkward but awesome TV show (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) and a truly terrible live-action movie, amongst other things. They are, quite possibly, the most famous brothers in the world, so it’s no surprise that a number of fan-made videos featuring the world of Super Mario have been made. One such creative parody has transported Mario and his friends and enemies from Smash Bros. into a war-torn world that obviously only a pair of plumbers can save. Hold on to your mustaches people…the complete series of “Mario Warfare” has been uploaded to YouTube.

These rough and tumble action packed Mario-themed webisodes are brought to you by beatdownboogie who specialize in cosplay, comedy and cool event videos. The first episode of “Mario Warfare” was upped to YouTube in December 2012 and had gained an impressive number of subscribers and over four million views. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in January 2013, beatdownboogie was finally able to release their final episode, episode eight, this past week for our viewing pleasure.

▼Start Game?

The setting for “Mario Warfare” is as follows: Mushroom Kingdom is under attack from Bowser’s army, the king is set on protecting his kingdom, and the princess is on the run. Our two brothers, with charming Italian accents, desire to do something more heroic than plunging toilets. Where will their passion for bravery take them? What sweet secret action star moves do they possess?

▼Cue extremely catchy Mario music

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▼What power does it hold in this version?!?

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The creators, beatdownboogie, tap Mario and Nintendo’s extensive cast of characters to populate their story. You’ll see familiar faces like Princess Peach, Bowser, Bullet Bill, Toad, the Hammer Brothers as well as characters from other games like Donkey Kong, Link and Ness. Don’t worry if your favorite character isn’t on the list, this isn’t the full cast and plenty more join the forces of good and evil for an epic showdown.

▼Our heroes!

mario warfare 5

▼Walther P”Fireflower”?

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▼Princess Peach

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▼Bullet Bill

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“Mario Warfare” is a gritty take on the imaginative world of Super Mario Bros. The webisodes promise a riveting story with scenes that pay homage to numerous action movies and video games. A familiarity with both are required to spot them all! The episodes start out strong, but get better as they go on, culminating in the exciting conclusion released on July 8! At only about 10 minutes per video, it’s a great way to spend an evening!

Source: YouTube via Kotaro Blog
Images: YouTube