We don’t know you guys, but we’re already starting to wish summer only lasted a week or so, and have started spending most of our waking hours in close proximity to our desk fans so as not to melt in the heat and humidity.

Thankfully, though, we now have something to entertain us while we sit with our faces inches from the fan trying to resist the idiotic compulsion to jam pencils in it. Now on sale in Japan, these “fan accessories” let you transform your household appliance into a relaxing beach scene, with miniature gulls, ships, shark, surfers and more that attach to your fan via lengths of coloured card, wafting along in the cool, life-restoring breeze it creates.

Made by TAKI PRODUCTS and on sale over on Amazon JP, these fan accessories retail for 500 yen (US$4.90) each and come in six different pairs: skydiver & helicopter, surfer & shark, seagull & ship, tulip & butterfly, hot-air balloon & swallow, and palm tree & hula dancer.

The tiny cut-outs are adhered to a strip of card, then attached to the front of your electric fan, coming to life whenever you switch it on and skipping over waves or soaring through the sky. They look very relaxing in these photos via Amazon Japan.


▼ It says “skydiver”, but we can’t help thinking this is a certain super hero on a laundry day

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 4.43.45 PM



If only we had the energy to assemble them. Perhaps we can hire someone to come over and do it for us…

Photos: Amazon JP
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