Those Super Mario Odyssey royalty checks aren’t going to last forever, so it’s really about time the video game star rejoined the workforce.

In 2017, everything seemed to go Nintendo’s way. The launch of the Switch hybrid home/portable console was a tremendous success, and blockbuster releases The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey were met with widespread love from both critics and shoppers alike.

And yet, it looks like one high-profile Nintendo employee isn’t bathing in newfound riches, and instead is having to go back to his old, humble job. Yes, according to Nintendo itself, Super Mario is once again a plumber.

After years of gamers assuming the Nintendo star was still a plumber, in keeping with his depiction in the original Super Mario Bros., it came to light last autumn that Nintendo had updated the character’s official profile on the company’s website, saying:

“Actually, long ago it seems he used to work as a plumber too…”

Fans were shocked, and responded with theories that Mario had become an unemployed freeloader mooching off Princess Peach’s royal hospitality. However, Nintendo has quietly edited Mario’s profile yet again, replacing the above-mentioned section with:

“He’s a plumber by trade, but that’s not all he can do.”

Mario’s complete profile now reads:

Cheerful, popular, and loved by everybody. He’s really close to his younger twin brother Luigi, the other half of the famous duo.

Athletic, he looks cool playing any sports, from tennis to baseball to soccer and even kart racing.

He’s a plumber by trade, but that’s not all he can do.

He loves Princess Peach, so whenever she gets into trouble, he’s ready to spring into action and save her.

With his skillful jumping and power-ups, he puts a stop to Bowser’s evil plans.

Nintendo hasn’t said why Mario is once again a plumber, but the most likely explanation is that having him essentially be a lay-about clashes with his earnest, man-of-action image. At least, we hope that’s the reason, and not that Nintendo is paving the way for a follow-up to the tragically disappointing live-action 1993 Super Mario Bros. live-action movie, which went all-in on Mario’s plumbing skills while jettisoning each and every ability that actually made his games fun to play.

Source: Gamespark via Otakomu
Images: Nintendo

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