Tomato sake

Personally, I can’t stand the taste of tomato juice. Even if I try to be healthy and buy a mixed fruit-and-vegetable drink, if there’s even a hint of tomato going on, the carton gets immediately shoved back in the fridge for my wife to try (read: finish off for me).

But if you’re one of those folks who just can’t get enough of that curious red stuff, there’s a new drink you may want to try this summer: Toma Toma Sparkling. Oh, and it has alcohol in it.

Suntory’s Toma Toma Sparkling is made with 27% tomato juice and packing 4% abv, promising a “refreshing” combination of tomato sweetness and soda water perfect for the hot weather.

▼ Apparently the drink is also “simple and stylish” and “cute”


Available in 275 ml bottles from now until the end of summer, the drink will set you back 230 yen (US$2.25), excluding tax. We’ll have a taste test for you as soon as we can track some of this stuff down, but I can safely say that, were I washed up on a desert island with this as the only booze around, I’d most likely be as sober as a nun the entire time. Whatever floats your raft, I suppose.

Source/feature image: Entabe
Inset image: Suntory