A bottled Starbucks drink with a bit of fizz is coming out in Japan, and you’ll be able to grab one at a convenience store!

Starbucks Japan recently announced on their website that Starbucks and Suntory Beverage & Food will be releasing a new bottled clear sparkling drink in two flavors: The “Starbucks Sparkling Refreshing Taste (Non-calorie)” and “Starbucks Sparkling Peach Splash (Low-calorie)“. What’s even better, the drinks will be readily available at convenience stores, specifically at 7-Eleven stores to start.

Sparkling water has seen an increase in popularity in the Japanese market in recent years as a healthier alternative to regular sodas, which is apparently one of the reasons Starbucks has decided to release a line of clear sparkling beverages in Japan.

The drinks will come in a stylish, slim bottle with a simple design that matches the concept of a refreshing clear beverage. The ingredients in the drinks include caffeine derived from coffee cherries, as well as coconut juice containing minerals such as phosphorus and sodium.

▼ The Starbucks Sparkling Refreshing Taste (Non-calorie) is a carbonated drink with no added sugar that should do a good job of quenching your thirst.

▼ The Starbucks Sparkling Peach Splash (Low-calorie) is a mildly sweet drink that contains peach juice and apple juice.

Both drinks will come in a 390-milliliter (13.2-ounce) plastic bottle, and the Refreshing Taste (Non-calorie) will be priced at 130 yen (US$1.20), while the Peach Splash (Low-calorie) will cost just 10 yen more at 140 yen.

The sparkling beverages will go on sale at 7-Eleven stores across Japan starting February 27, but they’re calling this release an “advance sale”, so hopefully, you’ll be able to find these drinks at more locations in the near future. The beverages may not be typical Starbucks fare, but we, for one, always welcome a new refreshing drink — we just hope these will still be available during the hot summer when we’ll need them the most!

Source, images: Starbucks Japan press release