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Inventor and performance artist Showta Mori has been getting a taste of internet fame recently for his videos featuring his quick-draw, arm-mounted iPhone sleeve gun, but that’s far from his only creation or even his weirdest creation. That honor goes, in my opinion, to Lisako, his so-called “PET bottle lover,” his date on a series of adventures that would have David Lynch scratching his head and saying, “Now, that’s just weird.”

His video on YouTube, which is just as incomprehensible even if you do understand Japanese, documents the process of creating Lisako (model 2), a series of dates they go on, and some other, uh, happenings, to use the Japanese expression.

▼Tell me this image won’t haunt your dreams.

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Their first date involved the construction of a flowing somen slide on Mori’s balcony, despite it being the middle of winter. Flowing somen is a popular summer activity where cooked noodles are sent down a bamboo water slide for diners to nab.

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Unfortunately, this date doesn’t end well, but Lisako doesn’t seem to mind.

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Then, inspired by the Ghibli movie Castle in the Sky, Mori decides to try catching Lisako as she falls from the above. This also does not go very well.

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Then in a bizarre little interlude, Mori makes some signs, apparently for his part-time job, and walks around town with them.

After that, suddenly Lisako is back, and they are reenacting a scene from the 1984 movie Paris, Texas.

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Now that their relationship has been cemented by their mutual love of movies, Lisako and Mori embark on that important relationship litmus test, the first road trip together.

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They enjoy some hiking, much to the consternation of the other hikers, try some local foods, and finally stop for a walk on the beach on the way home.

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Sadly, this perfect day is marred by the fact that Mori is reported to the police as a suspicious person and they take him in for questioning. His response, “I just wanted to see the ocean.” Well, that explains everything!

The next bits of the video are some observations about a moth in the lobby of his apartment building, a time he spilled coffee on his iPhone, and the flyers for apartments that he always gets. Then, the next thing we know, Lisako is being dissected and filled with yellow liquid!

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What the hell, man?! Where did that come from? The video goes even further off the deep end from here on out and involves more police questioning, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for you. Go ahead and watch it for yourself.

Two of the comments pretty much sum up the experience: “What the fuck did I just watch?” and “Even though I can scarcely understand the context, these are great!”

That’s Japan for you.

Video and screenshots: YouTube