In the modern world of dating websites, hook-up apps, and whatever is going on with Ashley Madison, you’d think “finding the one” would be easy. But while Internet dating has become nearly the norm, it’s still not easy to find someone you’re compatible with online. On the other hand, sometimes real life drops a cutie right in our laps, but we don’t have any idea what to do about it!

Logically, the best thing to do would be to pluck up your courage and give the sexy stranger a nice “How do you do?”, because if you don’t seize the opportunity, your only recourse is the missed connections section. And we’re pretty sure people only read those in TV shows! But one woman in Singapore has turned her “missed connection” into a viral video, guaranteeing a lot more viewers than just a lonely Mindy Kaling.

Now the real question is: Did it work?

Before we go on, we have to wonder aloud just how okay–both legally and morally–it is to surreptitiously record a video of someone and post it to YouTube. We’re not lawyers–at least not the last time we checked–but we can’t help thinking that this probably isn’t something everyone should start emulating. However, Harlene Azuela, the Filipina woman who posted the now-viral YouTube video of the handsome man, seems as if she has good intentions, so we’ll let it slide this time. And considering how viral the video’s gone, we don’t see any harm in sharing it with you.

▼The unnamed man and Harlene


The story itself is actually quite simple. Harlene apparently found herself sitting across from the man pictured above on the train last year and was struck by his good looks. She was apparently so impressed by the young gentleman that she was too scared to approach him–and instead took a short video. For anyone who gets tongue-tied by a pretty face–or even just any face–her plight is certainly understandable.

Harlene originally posted the video to her Facebook page last November and it has slowly spread since then. Recently the video has gotten noticed even further abroad and has been shared over 2,500 times on Facebook. Check it out below.

▼Portrait mode? Isn’t that a crime punishable with prison time?

Unfortunately, one Singaporean news site, Stomp, is reporting that the gentleman has been found–but he’s apparently already in a happy relationship. However, the site’s reporting seems to indicate that this is sort of third-hand information–they received a message on Facebook from a reader who saw a comment from someone who claimed to know the man who said he is in a relationship.


dogImage from QuickMeme

While we wouldn’t be surprised if Harlene’s cutie is actually in a relationship, we would like something a bit more concrete! Can someone get an official comment from this guy? And maybe a modeling contract–we suspect that there are quite a few people out there who would be happy to see his face on posters or in the movies. Hell, he would probably be a better actor than any of the guys in Star Cinema’s She’s The One, the movie that apparently inspired Harlene to post the video.

▼Warning: Really, really bad voiceovers ahead.

Whether Harlene’s search is really over or not, we wish her the best of luck in finding whatever she’s looking for!

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Images: YouTube