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For more than a year, Japanese toy maker and merchandiser extraordinaire Bandai has been pumping out merchandise inspired by the original 1992 Sailor Moon anime. With the veil of secrecy finally lifted with the premiere of the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime, however, the company is now turning its attention to the most recent iteration of Japan’s most popular magical girl.

Coinciding with the premiere of the new series. Bandai released a series of five rings, one for each of the five Sailor Senshi. Now, fans can complement their fashionable fingers with a set of Sailor Moon Crystal earrings.

Like the Sailor Moon rings, the earrings are made of sterling silver plated in 18-karat gold. The dangly design, featuring a crescent moon joined to a star, mimics that of the accessories worn by series lead Usagi/Sailor Moon on-screen.

▼ Although the various sections are connected by linking rings, unlike in the anime artwork above where the segments seem to float in space.

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These being Sailor Moon Crystal earrings, they of course also sport crystals, specifically Swarovski synthetic pearls.

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Bandai is currently accepting orders for the 13,000-yen (US$129) pair of accessories here through its Premium Bandai online store/superfan willpower tester. Shipments are expected to be made in mid-October.

The earrings are touted as “commemorating the second episode of Sailor Moon Crystal.” We’re sure to the series’ biggest fans, who’d been waiting close to two decades since Usagi’s last anime appearance, every new episode is worth celebrating. Still, can Bandai keep up such a breakneck pace of merchandising? Only time will tell.

▼ We wouldn’t bet against it, though, considering that each one of Sailor Moon’s companions also has a unique pair of battle earrings.

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Top image: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Official Project Site
Insert images: Premium Bandai, Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Official Project Site