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Every summer, there are certain pests you can expect the country to become briefly inundated with. First come the mosquitos that lay their eggs in the puddles of water that form during the rainy season. Next up, the whining cicadas that serve as an aural reminder of midsummer, whether you want one or not. And last, the jellyfish, buzzkills of the animal kingdom who show up at the beach and deliver their joyless message of “Everyone out of the water!” by stinging swimmers.

But this year, there’s finally some good news, as the city of Yokohama is about to be overrun by Pikachus!

From August 9 to 17, Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city which sits on the the coast half an hour south from Tokyo, will be the site of Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu. Translating as “An Outbreak of Pikachus” or “Pikachus All Over the Place,” Pokémon events will take place at no less than 14 locations in and around the Minato Mirai harbor front district.

Of course, with that many venues, organizer are going to need a lot of Pikachus. Thankfully, it looks like they’re fully staffed, as shown in this video.

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▼ If you ever experience half of the bliss Pikachu gets from riding this escalator, consider yours a life well-lived.

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Aside from the chance to meet and snap photos with the loveable pocket monster, other highlights of the event include the Pikachu Festival and projection mapping show. The former takes place on August 16 and 17 at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center, and the latter every night from now until August 31 at 7:30, 8:10, 9:30, and 10:10 at Dockyard Garden next to the Landmark Plaza shopping center.

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There’ll also be a Pikachu café (and what looks like a Pikachu tree) at the Akarenga Red Brick Warehouse entertainment complex, and special Pikachu decorations for Yokohama’s sea bus and Ferris wheel.

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As a resident of Yokohama, ordinarily I’d be upset about the city not organizing more manpower and financial resources to keeping the rodent population in check, especially when the animals in question are also capable of delivering electric shocks. For critters as cute as Pikachu, though, I’m happy to share my town with them for a few weeks.

We knew Pikachu’s popularity couldn’t possibly have dropped off that badly

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