So it’s the 30th anniversary of the Transformers, the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation, and TakaraTomy Arts is the bolder, crazier cousin of the legendary Japanese toymaker TakaraTomy (who distribute Transformer toys in Japan).

What do these three things have in common? Well, TakaraTomy Arts apparently saw that the venerable console and the adored-before-a-certain-Hollywood-filmmaker-destroyed-it cartoon robot franchise were both celebrating a milestone and decided to commemorate it the only logical way: By combining the two into a new badass toy.

The transforming Sony PlayStation will, according to promotional art, become a sweet gray-and-red Optimus Prime before excited kids’ – eh, who are we kidding? Grown men’s – eyes.

optimus3 optimus2

But if PlayStation wasn’t really your thing back in the day, TakaraTomy Arts is also developing a transforming Sega Mega Drive/Genesis that becomes the Transformers series villain, Megatron. Extra points for people who get the hidden pun.

ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 28 18.42

ScreenHunter_08 Jul. 28 18.42

ScreenHunter_09 Jul. 28 18.43

Fans can get their clammy hands on their choice of transforming consoles in sometime in early 2015.

Source: IT Media
Photos: CNet Japan, TakaraTomy Arts