There are all sorts of electrical household appliances designed to make cooking easier these days. Multi-functional microwave ovens, bread makers, noodle makers, you name it. Advertisements make these kitchen gadgets look so easy to use, they tend to make us forget that these machines were created to help people who actually cook. They’re probably not going to turn folks who don’t usually cook (microwaveable food doesn’t count!) into instant chefs.

This might sound crazy, but your washing machine might just be the fool-proof cooking appliance! Not convinced? We weren’t either, until we saw this Chinese guy cook soup with his washing machine!

The fool-proof recipe we’re introducing today is for “washing machine potato and pork rib soup”. It’s so fool-proof you’ll barely need any cooking skills. You wouldn’t even need to boil water. As long as you’re capable of cutting up some potatoes, you’re good to go.

You’ll need a front-loading washing machine for this outrageous cooking method. I wouldn’t want my soup to smell like laundry, so I wouldn’t use a used washing machine if I were you. You’ll also need the ingredients for the soup. Since this is a potato and pork rib soup, you’ll obviously need some potatoes and pork ribs, and a little bit of salt to bring out the flavor of the soup. A couple of slices of ginger is an optional addition to help get rid of the raw stench of the pork. That’s about all you’ll need for the most basic washing machine soup.

▼ The washing machine used in the experiment was a 5.2kg load model.

▼ First, cut up the ingredients. Avoid cutting them too small, because they’re going to have to withstand the tumble in the machine.

▼ Next, it’s cooking time! Simply toss the cut potatoes and pork ribs into the washing machine.

▼ Set the machine to a normal wash cycle at 95 degrees Celsius, and make sure you set it to NOT drain the water, because that water is going to be your soup. When you’re done with the settings, just hit the start button!

▼ Depending on your washing machine, the time required for each cycle might vary. The machine used in the video took about one hour to finish “cooking”.

▼ Just like cooking in a pot with a glass lid, you’ll be able to check on the cooking situation through the lid of the washing machine.

▼ When it’s done, time to serve up! This is where the salt comes in. Feel free to use any other condiments to enhance the flavor of the soup.


▼ It actually looks like a regular, palatable bowl of Chinese soup.

▼ Taste test! The experimental chef comments that the potatoes are soft and fluffy to the core, and the pork ribs were soft with just the right amount of chewiness. The soup’s a success!

▼ Watch the whole cooking process!

The only downside to this super simple recipe is that you’ll probably need a new washing machine for your laundry after trying this. The vents in the washing barrel got stuck with bits of pork and potato, and the machine could no longer drain out the remaining “soup”. So, while this may be the easiest way to cook, it will probably turn out to be the world’s most expensive bowl of potato and pork rib soup!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: YouTube