We can all agree that being lazy is the best. There’s nothing quite like spending a weekend catching up on Game of Thrones, stuffing your face with pizza and taking care of certain, uh… solo carnal needs (Just me?). That said, laziness can be a slippery slope. One too many unproductive weekends can easily turn into a vicious cycle of booze, potato chips and Three’s Company reruns just as addictive as any illicit substance.

That’s why this all-in-one lazy-enabling bed is probably downright dangerous.  With the proper placement, this bed allows you to do practically anything other than go to the bathroom without ever taking a single step away from your mattress.

As you can see, the bed incorporates a “work” (read: “gaming”) desk for your laptop or PC, but also has room for storage containers both above and below for instant ramen, magazines, books, tissues (*wink*), and anything else you might want in arm’s reach. It’s also got a pole running across its length for drying laundry, so as long as you’ve got a hot water dispenser and you strategically place your washing machine and garbage can, you’re pretty much set for staying in bed literally weeks at a time.


Sure, it kind of looks like a hospital bed, and when you strip it down to the bare metal it sort of resembles a kid’s jungle gym-meets-waterboarding device, but the sweet siren call of the laziness bed (actually called the “Multifunctional Bed”) is overwhelmingly powerful.

No matter how much our gluttonous, slothful hearts yearn for this bed, though, we think Japanese Netizens were right to label this the “Bed for Horrible People” and “The Forbidden Bed” (Runner-up: “The Bed That Shall Not be Named”). Are you strong enough in your lazy convictions to purchase this bed? We claim no responsibility for your declining health when you click on this link to order it.
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