Given the small size of many Japanese homes, by the time you get all your furniture and other belongs in, it’s not uncommon to wind up wishing you had more space for yourself. Eventually, though, you learn to maximize your apartment’s storage capacity.

Bulky winter coats get folded and boxed up during the summer. Space under the couch? Fill it with storage containers. Too many DVDs? Throw out all the cases and stick the disks in a compact travel case.

And that tiny empty patch on the shelf? Prefect for a cute little cat.

As you’d guess, Twitter user 3110 Drum is passionate about music. What you wouldn’t know from his screen name, though, it that he’s also pretty fond of his pet cat.

The cat, meanwhile, is fond of wedging itself into the crevices of 3110 Drum’s home.

▼ In Japan, just about everyone prefers PlayStation to Xbox, even the cats.

Despite spending every day together, even 3110 Drum seems surprised at how far his pet is willing to go in infiltrating the narrow confines of its surroundings, at times reacting with good-natured exasperation and comments like, “Hey! That’s not your private room!”

Given the several snapshots 3110 Drum has shared of his kitty, the doting owner seems happy to share his limited living space with the animal, which is good news for its adoring Internet fans.

“Soooo cuuuute!”
“In that picture where he’s on top of the books, I just want to squeeze his little paw.”
“Too cute-it’s driving me crazy!”
“This is just what I needed right now.”

Really, with eyes like that looking at us, we think we’d be OK without a walk-in closet.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Top image: Twitter
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