It’s a Choc Mint Party, and we’re all invited!

Every summer, mint chocolate becomes the flavour of the season in Japan, when the cooling properties of the herb help to combat the humidity, as do the ice creams, sweets and drinks that are flavoured with it. Fans of “choco minto“, as the flavour is pronounced in Japan, are in for a real treat this summer, because McDonald’s has just announced it’ll be adding a special Mint Chocolate Oreo Frappe to its menu for a limited time.

▼ Choco Minto is also a clever play on words, as “to” also means “political party” or “faction”, so fans of the divisive flavour are proud members of the “Choco Min-to”, or “Mint Chocolate Faction”.

Frappes, smoothies and macarons were once sold exclusively at McCafé by Barista outlets attached to select McDonald’s branches, but this frappe is so good it’s coming to McDonald’s locations nationwide.

The main body of the frappe combines mint and bittersweet Oreo cookies, creating a gentle sweetness and refreshing aftertaste that’s perfect for summer. This exquisite combination is made even sweeter with its cute mint-green hues and colourful mint-flavoured candy topping, finished with chocolate sauce on a mound of smooth whipped cream.

Joining the frappe is another special release — the Green Apple Macaron, which is making its return to the menu after its popular debut last winter. With the aromatic flavour of apple and “hidden cinnamon”, this macaron is said to pair well with the creamy and refreshing taste of the frappe.

No McDonald’s release is complete without an advertising campaign to promote it, and this time we have McCafe ambassadors Suzu Hirose and Tomohisa Yamashita appearing as the main stars of the Choc Mint Rally.

▼ 39-year-old Tomohisa Yamashita, commonly known as “Yamapi”, is a Japanese actor, singer and TV host.

▼ 26-year-old Suzu Hirose is a popular Japanese actress and model.

▼ The ad will air on national TV in Japan from 2 July.

The ad describes the frappe as “sawayaka” (“refreshing”) and “kawaii” (“cute”), and we can’t wait to try it when it’s released with the macaron on 3 July.

The Frappe will be priced at 490 yen (US$3.04), while the macaron will retail for 190 yen. Both items will be on the menu for a limited time until the end of July, but only while stocks last, so members of the Choc Mint Faction will want to get in quick to show their support for it before it’s gone!

Source, images: Press release
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