No, your eyes are not deceiving you, nor is the above image an extraordinary work of Photoshop. That is a giant, green macaron, and it is being presented as a prize for the runner-up of a sumo championship in Japan.

As part of a special prize at the Sumo Senshuraku tournament in Japan, this gigantic green macaron is presented to a runner-up. This very unique prize is in fact part of the France-Japan Friendship Cup, and is a custom-made dessert by famous French patisserie Pierre Hermé, appropriately dubbed the “Big Macaron“.

How long do you think it would take a sumo wrestler to munch through that thing?

This is apparently the second year that this special prize has been given out at the championship. Frankly we can’t wait to see what color next year’s will be!

Source: Japaaan
Feature image: Twitter: Sumokyokai