Thai McDonald's Curry

If number of stores is any indication, McDonald’s is the world’s most loved fast food chain with over 34,000 locations in 119 countries. We’re guessing the most common order at the golden arches is a burger with a side of fries, but if you happen to find yourself in Thailand, you might be surprised to find a bowl of curry and rice on the menu right next to the McDonald’s classics. The official name for this bizarre burger joint item is the McGrilled Chicken Curry Rice.

▼   The McGrilled Chicken Curry Rice proudly advertised out in front.

Thai McDonald's Curry2

Thai McDonald's Curry3

A nice, thick red curry

The dish consists of Jasmine rice produced in Thailand and a surprisingly thick red curry filled with chicken, green peas, and chili peppers.

Thai McDonald's Curry5

It’s sweet…but also spicy

If you don’t eat the chili peppers, the curry is completely sweet. It’s so sweet and not at all spicy that even small children will enjoy it. However, nibbling on just one of the peppers produces a fire in your mouth. If you’re looking for a mild curry, stay far away from those peppers. As for the overall taste, our reporter thought that it wasn’t the most delicious curry in the world, but it was decent.

Thai McDonald's Curry7

Only available for a limited time!

The grilled chicken curry and rice dish costs 59 baht (US$2.03). You can add a drink for just 10 more baht, making the set price 69 baht. Unfortunately, this dish is available for a limited time only. Those hoping to grab some McCurry have until April 25 to order this special menu item.  Hurry on down to your local Thai McDonald’s today!

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