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Nguyen Ha Dong, creator of Flappy Bird, has been teasing his second game recently and it has finally been unleashed upon us! The game, called “Swing Copters“, shares many of the same gameplay elements of his first game, but might be even more annoyingly difficult than Flappy Bird! Is Swing Copters going to become the next Flappy Bird? Is it “fun” enough to warrant your time? Find out with some hands-on impressions!

Back in 2013, Nguyen Ha Dong, released a dopey flappy bird onto the world. Its popularity sprung from its difficulty. As soon as you crashed your bird into a pipe, there was an instant urge to hit the play button again to redeem your failure. Swing Copters is no different in that respect. In fact there are a lot of similarities between the two games as both are scored by how many “gates” you can pass through, and both are ridiculously difficult.

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You could say that Swing Copters is Flappy Bird on its side, but it’s not as simple as that. You are in control of a little yellow dude with a propeller on his head, and you must guide him past swinging hammers and through the openings between the beams that hold the hammers up. Each tap changes the direction your character flies in. Swinging back and forth, it’s extremely difficult to keep in control of the guy, as the longer he travels in one direction, the more difficult it is to bring him back the other way.

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Swing Copters is monetized the same way that Flappy Bird was, with in-game ads. These ads earned Nguyen Ha Dong over $50,000 a day at the height of its popularity. You may remember that Dong was so distressed by how addicted people were to the game that he famously pulled it from the app stores and apologized to all of the fans. Flappy bird craziness reached its peak when people tried to sell their phones on eBay with the game installed on it.

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After many frustrating attempts at the game, we are happy to share with you some strategies that don’t work:

  • Tapping your device repeatedly as fast as you can trying to keep the dude flying straight.
  • Turning your device on its side to make it more like Flappy Bird.
  • Screaming profanity at the device, the weird critter with a copter hat, or anyone in the room.

Is Swing Copters going to last longer than Flappy Bird did? It’s certainly more difficult, which will make a high score that much more impressive, but perhaps that increased difficulty will make people stop playing quicker.

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Swing Copters is free on the iOS and Android app store, with an in-app purchase of US $0.99 to get rid of the ads. Feel free to post your high scores below!

Source: Thanhnien News
Images: RocketNews24