The creator of Flappy Bird is apparently working with Japanese studio Obakaidem to produce several titles, including a “ninja game.”

N Project, as the game has been code-named, will be co-developed by Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen and Tokyo’s Obakaidem and will feature ninjas in some way or another – although details are currently scant.

Nguyen is most famous for Flappy Bird, a touch-control side-scroller with super simple gameplay and graphics. The game became a massive phenomenon back in 2014, when the game enthralled casual mobile gamers with its simple gameplay loop and hurl-your-smartphone-into-the-sun difficulty.

Through his gaming venture DotGears, Nguyen has also created another game series called Swing Copters. That series features gameplay very similar to the developer’s Flappy Bird, except that it has players traveling vertically instead of horizontally. Nguyen and Obakaidem are both mum on details for the new N Project and have said nothing except that the game will feature ninjas somehow. But if Nguyen’s previous games are to serve as any kind of template, the game is almost certainly going to be a tap-control side-scroller of some kind.

Nguyen’s most famous project, Flappy Bird


Oddly, despite Nguyen being a multi-millionaire thanks to Flappy Bird’s enormous popularity, N Project appears to recycle backgrounds and character sprites from DotGears’ Swing Copters, a design strategy that previously landed Nguyen in hot water when some accused him of pulling art assets from early Mario games to build the visuals for Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird famously, at one point, was earning Nguyen up to US$50,000 every dayN Project is unlikely to become such a phenomenon, but it’s clear Nguyen is gifted at creating addictive, simplistic gaming experiences. Throw ninjas into the mix and it’s almost a guaranteed hit. Because, you know… Ninjas.

Source: Tech in Asia
Feature image: kantan games/DotGears
Inset: Dong Nguyen/Applenapps