love letter 14

Relationships in Japan start a little differently than ones in other countries. In many places, the interested party may strike up a conversation and barring any incredibly awkward small talk, might suggest another meeting at a future agreed upon time. However, if anime or manga is anything to go by, the process doesn’t usually go like that in Japan. Rather, one person likes the other from afar and becomes utterly infatuated with the girl or boy of their dreams. It all builds until a private meeting where one finally declares “I like you. Please go out with me!”

One industrious man decided to put his own unique spin on the confession in hopes of gaining the love of his life! Let’s take a look at what he did!

Love doesn’t come easily for most people and quite often it’s very difficult to find the perfect words to capture the heart of the one you love. In this video, the creator decided that it isn’t enough to speak the words; and really goes the distance by showing how his heart feels!

▼”When I think about that girl, my heart starts racing.”

love letter 1

▼”This feeling…”

love letter 2

▼”I want to tell her.”

love letter 3

▼”I want to make a letter that does more than tell my feelings.”

love letter 6

▼”Not with sentences and not with words, I want to share my feelings even more directly.”

love letter 7

▼”This feeling that I can’t hold in, that is what I want to convey to her.”

love letter 8

▼”I don’t need difficult words.”

love letter 9

▼”Instead of being complicated, rather something simple.”

love letter 10

▼”So, I made a heart rate sensor…”

love letter 12

▼”and incorporated it in a 3D mold.”

love letter 13

▼”I love you.”

love letter 14

Ingenious! A love letter that shows the person just how much they make your heart race! Is this a case of “when words are simply not enough”, or is it a case of not being able to find the right words? Either way, this seems like a pretty special confession and we can only hope the person who receives something like this will say “yes”!

Watch the entire video, with some nifty quick CAD work!:

Source: Buzzz
Images: Niconico Video